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We were aiming to keep this quick and simple and Electric Egg got that right away. They made it a very straightforward process from interpreting and enhancing the brief to filming, editing and fine-tuning the video. 

It was great to have an open and practical dialogue to shape the project and be able to get hands-on with the production. I loved the way Electric Egg were able to add humour. 

Jackie Baker, Communications Manager, Branston Potatoes

In this fun animated and live-action short film, we   tackled the concepts of mean, median and mode for primary school children through the medium of potatoes!

Commissioned by Branston Potatoes and Seasonal Spuds, the film mixes animation, photography and live-action sequences to break down these mathematical concepts in a fun, engaging and memorable way.

Despite appearances, no potatoes were harmed in the making of this film.