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Mental Health issues are close to our hearts at Electric Egg. When we were approached to work with Lincolnshire CAMHS to do try and raise awareness and engage with the issue of children and young people’s mental health through an animated collaboration with the Lincolnshire Youth Council, we felt it was an important project to work on.

Our task was to create an animated piece that brought to life the thoughts of a young person from Lincolnshire on how to maintain mental wellbeing in an engaging manner that would encourage young people, burdened by any issue that was troubling them, to just open up. Be it to a friend, a parent, a teacher, or a counsellor, just encourage them to get it off their chest and begin to feel less troubled by it.

The animation was created by Electric Egg based on ideas and concepts developed with the Lincolnshire Youth Council. Illustrations were also created by Neil Baker of Electric Egg based on the characters and style developed for the animation.