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Our Services

An award winning, innovative, video, photography & animation production company based in Lincolnshire but working across the East Midlands and United Kingdom. Offering services that reflect our passion for moving & still image.

Electric Egg was formed to tell stories: personal stories, brands stories and creative stories. And, because we work across different mediums, we can always help you choose the right means to tell your story.

We work with our clients and collaborators to understand the story that needs to be told to the audience that you want to see it. We develop concepts that allow our clients to tell that story in an engaging and creative way.

Whether you’re looking for a video production, animation or photography, we have all the skills in-house to bring a cohesive approach to any project or campaign. We work with our clients to develop the best approach to realise their brief. We are a full-service production company and will guide you through the process from beginning to end.

We love working with people and sharing our enthusiasm for what we do. Great communication is key to realising our client’s needs and this can only be done by working alongside each other and sharing our process with you.

We’re based in Lincoln but we work across the East Midlands, the UK and beyond. If you have a brief, or even just want to understand more about how to approach your production, we’d love to hear from you.

How do we tell stories?

  • Video Production

    Our team of filmmakers have plenty of tools at our disposal to capture your story. Be it a documentary, promotional brand film, product launch, events coverage or promotional films, we are here to help you succeed. In-house we have all the technical support you would expect, from 4K cameras and drone services, right through to stabilised camera rigs and motion controlled tracks.

  • Photography

    Our photography portfolio contains a wide variety of commissioned images including; documentary, events, landscapes (natural & urban), portraiture, product & promotional photography. As well as being available for commissions, we have a large archive of imagery, which is available under licence. Our lead photographer has created work for leading publications and exhibited in galleries across the UK. Key to our photography offer is flexibility, we are as adept at using natural light as we are working with complex multiple flash set-ups that transform the look and feel of a space. For enquiries, please contact us to see the many ways in which we can help realise your ideas.

  • Animation

    Limitless possibilities are opened up by animation production and animation can be a great way of simplifying processes, messages or even portraying stories that would be too sensitive or problematic to communicate in other mediums. Our animators have produced everything from commercial promotional pieces, explainer animations, to health care animations and issue based films, and surreal comic short pieces.

  • Aerial Video and Photography Services

    Adding a new perspective to our productions, our in-house drone pilot is CAA approved with permission for commercial operations, allowing us to enhance our video and photography service. Drone based video is an invaluable tool to capture imagery that would have previously been beyond the reach of many productions.