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Meet the Eggs.

We are Storytellers

At Electric Egg we are passionate about telling stories, be it through video, animation or photography. Since our formation in 2005, we’ve helped our clients tell their stories, promote their brand or raise awareness of their cause. Whether it is creating thoughtful documentaries for broadcast, promotional films, documenting events or creating stunning cover shots for a magazine, we apply the same passion and fundamental storytelling techniques.

With our combined experience of over 30 years, and our ability to work across many supporting mediums, it means that no matter what the story is you want to tell, we can find the right means to tell it.

Electric Egg began as a collaboration between founding directors Neil Baker & Steven Hatton to create a video installation for an arts festival. With a successful partnership established, they formed the company to offer video, animation and photography services to clients whilst also allowing the team to pursue and grow their own creative interests, examples of which have lead to feature length broadcast documentaries, awards at international film festivals, and even artwork adorning worldwide publications.

  • Steven Hatton

    Director – Filmmaker & Photographer

    Steve is an award-winning filmmaker and photographer and co-founder of Electric Egg. From directing feature length broadcast documentaries to creating stunning photography and films for our clients, Steve’s work is recognisable both visually and through his love of storytelling.

  • Neil Baker

    Director – Filmmaker & Animator

    Neil is an award-winning filmmaker and animator with work screened at festivals worldwide. In addition, he is a published illustrator with covers for publishers such as Penguin Random House and heads up many of our video productions. Neil co-founded Electric Egg with Steve in 2006.

  • Kieran Hill

    Filmmaker & Drone Operator

    Kieran is as much at home behind the camera as he is at the edit suite. Kieran joined the team in 2018 and since then has brought his own set of influences and style to our productions. Kieran also heads up our new drone services, allowing our films to reach new heights and take on new perspectives.

  • Shahnaz Mohseni


    Shaz has been a regular within the Electric Egg team since 2014, working on numerous animated projects. She is now our lead animator and brings our client’s stories to life with her dedication to the medium. When not at work on our productions, Shaz is working on her own comic series.

  • Callum Wale


    Callum’s work is marked by his passion for cinematography and his love of crafting a story in the edit. He enjoys being out on location and the experience of working with others to create a narrative.