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Over the years, Electric Egg have worked with numerous emergency services, creating both video and photography to raise awareness and aid recruitment. In each of our commissions, be it with East Midlands Ambulance Service, Lincolnshire & Nottinghamshire Air Ambulance or Lincolnshire Police, it’s been essential to balance the practicalities of filming with the operational requirements of each client. Knowing that a 999 call can come at any moment necessitates not only a Plan-B but also a Plan-C to ensure filming is kept productive, on budget and on schedule.

The briefs that we received from these clients outlined a requirement for video and photography outputs. Where there is a need for both, Electric Egg, being a multi-disciplinary crew, are able to shoot these alongside each other in order to increase efficiency and maximise output. This is particularly important with an emergency service client, where both the practical and budgetary considerations of needing crews and equipment for a shoot are at the forefront of our consideration. Our aim is to provide the client with a wealth of material and to make the most of the time and budget available.

We’ve worked with EMAS for a number of years, creating promotional films and photography to cover every facet of operations for their recruitment campaigns. From taking calls at the operations centre to the paramedics on the frontline, we have created dynamic imagery that leaves a fresh impression whilst still reflecting and maintaining the organisation’s existing brand identity. As with any commission, excellent communication is key to a successful production, particularly with as many moving parts and logistical challenges of work such as this. Working closely with the clients, understanding their needs and communicating our needs ensures the end product meets the original brief.

One of our photographs from shooting with the Hazardous Area Response Team (HART), part of EMAS

Electric Egg have been easy to work with. They ensured we got exactly what we wanted. The final
product is of high quality, and you can see the passion they have in the work they produce.

Michaela Soltys, EMAS

A study of the Air Ambulance at dusk

Rather than focusing on recruitment, our next commission from LNAA instead needed to raise awareness and aid the trust in raising money for the air ambulance service. We created a series of films that focus on the quality of care and also the human impact that the service has. The film features interviews with those who have been treated and directly affected by the work of the air ambulance crews. As with the other emergency services commissions, we also created an image bank of photography. Despite the challenges of shooting in operational environments, we delivered images with high-production values that convey feeling and emotion, not only by focusing on the equipment, such as the road and air ambulances, but by putting people front and centre in the campaign.

When we asked Electric Egg to take a series of photos for us, we didn’t just get pictures. We got emotional, exciting and powerful imagery capable of speaking to our audiences and showcasing what we do. The team has a fantastic eye for detail.

Linda Patrick, LNAA

Behind the Scenes with Lincolnshire Police

Our recent recruitment films for Lincolnshire Police took a different approach. We were asked to bring the many job roles in the force into the public eye, demonstrating the wide variety of career paths to pursue. Because of this, we decided on a more documentary-based style, creating a series of short films that follow individuals across Lincolnshire Police. Our experience in documentary filmmaking allowed us to create short, personal studies that, despite careful planning and consideration, manage to feel natural and spontaneous.

With each of these projects, a bespoke approach has allowed us to fulfil the brief. This is the starting point of any production: finding the right tone, narrative device and aesthetic to best tell the story.

Visit our portfolio to see the finished films and explore more of the photography for these projects.