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I was blown away by the whole process. I regard that moment as one of the best of my professional career.

Simon Hollingworth, Freelance creative producer & arts management professional

Large-scale moving image projections and installations create spectacle and impact in everyday locations. For the audiences that live and work in these areas, seeing such an installation can create stronger connections between them and their locality.

Stills from ‘Trinity’, one in a series of three projected animations for Illuminate 2022. Local children were engaged in workshops to provide sound effects and voices for scenes depicting a local football match between an elephant and the local football team, Gainsborough Trinity, in this semi-fictional story.

At Electric Egg, placemaking is a key part of our artistic practice. Be it small intimate installations of large-scale projections, we are passionate about bringing history and local stories to life. Our approach to such projects and commissions is a holistic one. We begin by engaging with the brief and needs of the audience and community by developing creative ideas, working with the location and recruiting and collaborating with technical partners, composers and actors. We then work with these partners and our own in-house team of filmmakers, animators and photographers to create the final experience.

‘The Age of Wonder’ played to large crowds who witnessed our film projected on Stamford’s old historic hospital. The film is based on the historic figure of Mr Green, an aeronaut whose life spanned the Georgian and Victorian eras. Into the mix we added the fictional character of Millicent whose dreams of flight put Stamford on the map!

Often, we directly involve or engage with community groups and schools to either share the work with them or, where possible, allow them to shape the piece or even contribute in its making. In the past we have run workshops that have informed the direction of the work, involved communities recording dialogue audio and even schoolchildren contributing their own artwork to credit sequences. Electric Egg has years of experience of working with such groups to develop such workshops with the community that have a direct input into the creative direction of the final piece.

To learn more about how we could work with you, please get in touch or to see more of our projection work, see behind the scenes and hear from our production team, watch our short film Visions of Light online.