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We work with academic and research institutions to help them find more effective and inclusive ways to disseminate the findings of their research.

Moving image is a powerful tool for conveying complex narratives and key messages in an engaging and impactful way. This may take the form of a short promotional film that serves as an introduction to your research, or a longer form piece which enables viewers to engage with your research in far greater depth.

By communicating the impact of your research in an accessible and digestible format, film not only brings your research to life, but can also strengthen it’s engagement with a wider variety of audiences. When used in combination with conference speeches and presentations, our short research films have proven effective at helping audiences to connect emotionally and intellectually with the subject matter. Such films have also proved invaluable in evidencing impact and dissemination when applying for subsequent research grants and for the submission to evaluative bodies and processes such as the Research Excellence Framework.

Key to the process is our engagement with your work. We work with you to understand your research and most importantly what the key themes and findings are you wish to convey. We explore the impact of the research, both the immediate and any future potential impact you may wish to highlight. Once we understand this, we collaborate with you to develop the best way to approach the narrative. It may be that your film requires you to breakdown complex statistics through animation or motion graphics. Or you want to convey a nuanced, complex or emotional subject through filmed interviews with team members or participants. Our role is to work with you to find the best way to illustrate and communicate your research and its findings within your budget.

In addition to our work in moving image, we also offer photography services. It may be that you need to document your research as a visual essay, or that you need a strong single image to convey your work or even a more abstract idea. We can work with you to create this, or if needed, to look at other mediums such as illustration which may work more effectively.

If you would like to explore any of these options, we would be happy to have an initial conversation about how we may be able to help you.