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I could not have dreamt of a more perfect combination of elements, voice over, beautiful animation and music. It couldn’t have been more perfectly produced and to brief – it is simply wonderful!
Alex Robinson – General Manager, Terravesta


In trying to communicate the potential impact that a seemingly simple crop, Miscanthus, has on the issue of climate change, the hardest thing to do is to keep the message short. Our brief from Terravesta was to create an appealing and concise film which showcased the power of the crop to a wide audience of growers, policy makers and even interested consumers.

The film was designed and animated by our in-house team with brevity and clarity of message in mind. Over multiple versions, the concept and script were developed to create a short flowing narrative to compliment an organic feeling aesthetic. As well as this, we commissioned an original music score and sound design and, for the final touch, we added the authoritative tones of Stephen Fry to provide the perfect vocal guide to explain how Terravesta are Growing Innovation.