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Electric Egg work extensively with Terravesta to create video, animation and photography to communicate their brand, aims and ideals. At the heart of their website is a series of ‘grower profiles’, in which miscanthus growers share the experience and successes of their partnership with Terravesta. These profiles combine their story with a series of commissioned portraits and are central to Terravesta’s PR strategy and regularly feature in international newspapers and publications.

Shot on location with portable studio lighting, the portraits aim to capture a little of the place and personality of each farm and give a strong visual lead to the story.


We used Electric Egg to take the photographs of the growers on our home page. Each grower has an individual story to tell, and each story and strong personality was captured seamlessly by the team at Electric Egg. Our growers are fundamental to our business and profiling them on the website is key to the online style we portray.

Alex Robinson, Terravesta