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Working with Electric Egg has been a fantastic experience. Electric Egg’s portfolio of skills and innovative thinking brings an added dimension to the level of experience and input they can offer to projects. They bring attention to detail, interest and enthusiasm, practical advice and knowledge to their projects, creating high quality work. Our Voyage will be remembered by all who saw it – I’m very proud to have worked with them on it.

Anna Scott, Mayflower 400 Officer, West Lindsey District Council

Our Voyage commemorates the 400th anniversary of first Thanksgiving and was commissioned as part of Pilgrim Root’s Mayflower 400 celebrations.

Our Voyage is an animated film designed and created with the ‘canvas’ of Gainsborough Old Hall in mind. We lead this project both creatively and logistically, to bring the Pilgrim story to life on an epic scale. We designed a projection scheme that worked with and enhanced the elevations of this historic building…. as a canvas and working with the AV team at LUX Technical to deliver the projection experience.

The film charts the Pilgrims’ story from the life they escaped in England, to their famous voyage, and to the foundation of the Plymouth settlement in Massachusetts. “Our Voyage” explores the impact and legacy of this journey, in what is commemorated to this day but also its part in the repression of the native peoples of America.