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“Electric Egg delivered above expectations and all within the agreed time schedule and budget.  The aerial work with the drone completely added another dimension to the film – a great team to work with, professional and fully understood the brief and the needs of the work”

Polly Wilkinson, Boston Guildhall Museum


2020 is an important year for many locations across the UK, as it marks the 400th Anniversary of the sailing of the Mayflower which took the “Pilgrims” across the Atlantic to America to start a new society, free from religious persecution.

Many locations in the UK have deep connections with those who formed the colonies that became the foundation of modern day United States. Boston, in Lincolnshire, has many historical links to the story and we were asked to created a short promotional piece to promote the tourism offer for those visiting from the USA to explore their cultural heritage.

In additional to creating this short film, we created a suite of images to work across print and web. These images, shot alongside the film, include interior location shots of historic sites, promotional images to show the visitor experience and also photography of rare and precious artefacts from the Guildhall museum.