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As part of LiNCHIGHER’s mission to raise ambitions and promote higher education to secondary aged students across Lincolnshire, East Yorkshire and the East of England. Electric Egg were commissioned to create 2 “day in the life” films that followed a group of students studying different courses at different higher education establishments.

The aim of these films were to show secondary students at events and in tutorial sessions, what a University of college campus looks like, give them a quick peek at the facilities, variety of opportunities and activities that they could be involved in if they chose to go into higher education.

Two films were made. One that followed students at a university, shot on location at the University of Lincoln and Bishop Grosseteste University. Whilst a second film focused on HE at college, shot on location at Bishop Burton College, College of West Anglian (Wisbeach Campus), Lincoln College and Grimsby Institute of Higher Education.