Directed by Neil Baker

Electric Egg were approached by West Lindsey District Council & Lincolnshire County Council to create a video or animation piece using real life stories and experiences to portray a true and affecting account of life as a young parent. The final product was to be used within the county?s secondary schools with a teaching pack as part of the personal and social education programme.

Initially it was thought that a dramatized piece would be the best solution based on the real stories taken from young parents but Electric Egg suggested an animated documentary approach with the stories and experiences, both heartwarming and heart breaking, told by the parents in their own words, an approach that proved not only visually interesting but also effective.

Preconceptions is a collection of seven short animated documentaries each one based on a theme or issue facing young parents, from finding out about imminent parenthood, the difficulties of parenting, housing and financial issues as well as the parents hopes and fears for the future.

Other recent Electric Egg Animation Productions include: