Penguins - Animation & Illustration Series

Illustration Series & Animated Film Directed by Neil Baker

Penguins have always fascinated me, on land they are ill-adapted creatures, but in the weightlessness of the ocean they are magnificent, effective swimmers and supremely agile predators. They are a bird species so full of contrast with their monochromatic feathering and the stark differences between their habitats, the beaches of South Africa and Galapagos to the Antarctic.


The project begun as a series of 18 illustrations of penguins as an exploration into the variety across the penguin species. These illustrations are available to view as an eBook or on our "Penguins' flickr album.


A series of 6 postcards of the Illustrations are available to own. BUY NOW VIA PAYPAL:

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As a logical (for an animator) progression of the illustration series came an idea for an experimental short animation celebrating these animals and their inexpert locomotion. The piece, which is in pre-production will not only be a study into penguin movement but also will seek to be a visual experiment in mark making and the creation of abstract movement through the constant evolution of the animated penguins to ever more minimal and abstract forms.

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